Virtual Conferences and Seminars

Traveling thousands of miles with just a single click, John’s on-camera presence can traverse the most distant monitor, laptop or tablet. Give your team insight into global risks, economic trends, critical issues, and policy positions that impact corporate competitiveness all within the comfort of your own time and space.

John's captivating personality and approach entertains while nudging people to examine their own pre-conceived opinions and regurgitated news cycle sound bites. Eliminate distance as a barrier via Zoom and other platforms and host John Manzella for your next virtual event.

See what clients are saying...

"John is an extremely insightful and dynamic speaker. He eloquently provided his thought leadership around current economic and global trends in a way that truly resonated with the audience. It was a privilege and an honor to have John as our guest speaker."

Catherine Dumont
High Tech Marketing Manager Northeast District / UPS

See what clients are saying...

“John’s presentation at the New England Relocation Association conference was the sharpest and most insightful explanation of the current macro economy I’ve heard. He doesn’t just “talk the talk,” he thoughtfully has mastered the factors that have led to where we are today, and understands what must be done to initiate growth in the United States and world economy. Importantly, he can convey these complex ideas in a straight-forward, clear and concise manner — something few of his peers can do. John is engaging, likable and pensive. Several members of our association ecstatically declared how impressed they were with his presentation. He should be on CNBC and CNN every day.”

Brandon Tabassi
Relocation Director / RE/MAX Partners

Keynotes & Corporate Seminars

Get an insider's perspective on the latest economic trends, emerging risks, and global realities. It’s an ideal vehicle for trade associations and corporations needing to address the complex economic, political, and business landscape, and offers solutions to help companies succeed in today’s fast-changing international environment.

John's keynotes are thought-provoking, entertaining, dynamic, and engaging, and deliberately designed to challenge your audience. Insider perspectives and entertaining stories lead the audience to their own thinking and conclusions.

Roundtable Discussions

John's roundtable discussions can be an engaging alternative to a keynote presentation. Attendees are given the opportunity to be active participants while sharing collective knowledge, best practices, insight, problems, and solutions.

Each program can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs, while providing an invaluable opportunity to answer questions, discuss global dangers, share forecasts of what's ahead, and analyze critical issues to help business professionals reduce risks and secure competitive advantages.

See what clients are saying...

"John's recent presentation provided valuable insights into understanding global economic trends in the US. He takes a complex topic and articulates it in a format that is engaging and easy to follow."

Tricia Gabberty
Senior Vice President and Regional Head of Marketing / HSBC Bank

Speaking Demo

Book John Manzella now for your next speaking engagement including keynotes, roundtable discussions and webinars and. His most requested topics include:
COVID-19, Economic Trends, Global Trade and What’s Ahead
COVID-19 and economic trends are impacting U.S. and world growth, while complexities with China, Canada, Mexico, and Europe are creating new risks. Combined with greater levels of volatility, new destructive technologies, the energy revolution, and critical issues involving skills, automation and immigration, these issues are shaping our future. What does this mean to your business?

This invaluable program reveals global dangers, analyzes sectors, examines trading relationships, and provides insight on China’s practices to help businesses understand what’s ahead, reduce risk, and make better informed decisions.

Economic Trends, Globalization and the Need to Improve American Capitalism
International Trade, New Realities and Ripple Effects
Will COVID-19 Kill Globalization? What Companies and Workers Need to Do

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